Saturday, July 17, 2010


I’m not sure I even wrote yesterday like I was supposed to.  Akri said that was OK, but I feel bad about it.  I have been under so much stress lately that it’s really mind boggling that I’m even able to do anything at all.

I’ve been having a really difficult time with my bipolar lately.  It’s swinging down, so I’ve naturally been pretty depressed and feeling down.  As I’m sure can be witnessed by my entries here.

One thing that constantly can make me feel better, however, is writing.  It allows me an escape into my own world, one that I’ve seen in my head and been to in my dreams.  Perhaps even in spirit.  I’m kind of afraid to get all my spiritual thoughts out in a public place because they might be so bizarre that people would think me strange.  And being judged for my beliefs is definitely a trigger of mine.

So I’ll keep them to myself and Akri for now.

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