Monday, July 5, 2010


I’m not a big believer in the Bible.  I think there are quite a few good ideas in the book, such as don’t kill, don’t steal, and the like.  However, for the most part, what’s in there seems a bit silly to me.  Except the parts about Love and the way it’s viewed.  And I’m lucky enough to be feeling all three forms of Love at the same time.

I am in love with Love, as silly and naive as that sounds.  To me, it’s the most pure and forceful of emotions and it’s caused me to have more breakdowns than all my fits of anger combined.  But I think that it’s because of the pureness of the emotions that I get wrapped up like that.

I consider myself highly Empathic in more of a psychic sense and less of a mundane sense.  I can manipulate emotions in others as well as immediately pick up on them.  Perhaps that’s why Love affects me so much.  It’s the one emotion I can’t manipulate, especially in myself.


  1. One of my favorite love quotes....
    "Love is not blind - It sees more and not less, but because it sees more it is willing to see less."
    -Will Moss
    To be in love with love is not naïve it shows passion :)

  2. That is a beautiful quote. Thank you for sharing :)