Monday, June 28, 2010

One down, six to go

I have been very wrath filled lately.  That’s a nice, sinful word for it.  I have been so tense that I’m likely to explode from all the pent up anger.  And all the anger is leading me to have a ton of problems with everyone.  I’m being triggered left and right and the slightest provocation will set me off.

Just the act of losing my cellphone today and my grandma yelling at me about it caused me to lose my shit.  I mean, does she think she pays for it?  Because she doesn’t.  And what business is it of hers if I lose something? Especially when she loses things all the time.

But I guess this is just all the stress the family is under because of my shithead of a brother.  Wherever he goes, chaos follows and not in the fun kind of way.  And with him coming back to town, I’m likely to go insane over all this.

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