Thursday, June 10, 2010


In an effort to find myself again, Master and I have been discussing rules and protocol, as things have been rather lax between us.  Things I was supposed to have been doing, such as writing here every day, had fallen by the wayside, replaced with laziness and general meh.

As such, things are going to change.  I’m going to become the submissive that Master and I both want me to be.  The quiet, demure submissive that is admired from afar.  Master’s beautiful plaything that he allows others to view, perhaps to touch if it’s his desire.

The very idea of this appeals to me on such a base level, as if it’s an instrumental part of my being.  Without it, I’ll simply exist and not truly live.  I hope it’s not too difficult to sort out after all this time.


  1. Hi lilikka, your blog is nice : your sincerity is a treasure !

    I know for My point of view, that daily life can be difficult to maintain high protocols and rules... But It is part of My job, as the Owner, to drive protocols and let them be respected by My slave. Daily caning or pain before using her always help U/us to live as W/we are...


  2. It is good to establish anew.... I know at times things get lax between My master and I. Daily life and family takes its toll. But My Master redirects me and I am humbled once again. Good luck:)

  3. Sensei:
    Thank you very much for your kind words! Master wants me to have a space where I can be frank and honest in a way where I don't feel as if I'm being disrespectful, which is probably where my sincerity comes from.

    Family life does take its toll on us as well, since we have a daughter together and my disabled mother lives with us so I can help take care of her as well. We do try and work things out within our lifestyle as well as we can. Thank you :)