Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One thing I have often expressed a desire to Akri is the fact that I love the idea of him having a second submissive.  The thought of a “submissive sister” of sorts has all kinds of appeal to me, not just sexually, but emotionally as well.  And, by serving the same Master, we’d be stronger together than we’d ever be apart.

And the fact that Master believes he’s found someone he’s not only willing but extremely desiring of making a second submissive is making me all kinds of giddy.  He’s talked about this woman many times to me before but last night was the first time he approached the subject of her becoming a possible submissive.  After the eni affair, we’re both pretty skittish to try this again, but with her, it feels different.

Perhaps this is me just jumping headfirst into something without looking, but I tend to do that when I love someone or something.  I love fast and I love strong.  It’s a part of my nature that is probably the most positive thing to ever come out of my PTSD.

But I’m willing to jump.  For Akri.  For her.  And for me.

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