Monday, January 4, 2010

Meditation Monday

Today, I have served Master by performing my tasks to the best of my abilities, despite feeling sick and being frustrated with our daughter. I pride myself on constantly being able to serve him despite the adversities that pop up in my life. It's certainly not always possible, but more often than not, I am able to perform well.

Tomorrow, I can further serve Master by continuing to improve my thinking. Things have been quite negative lately and I've found that I've been quite caught up in all of it. By re-learning to think positively, I can perform better for Master by simply being in a better mood.

One thing that can help with my servitude is by never backing down, even when my service to Master makes people uncomfortable. Truly, I'm not doing it to make them uncomfortable, but rather because serving Master is what I choose to do with my life and it shouldn't matter what others outside of our relationship feel about it.

My goal in serving Master is to make Master's life easier. If I can even make Master's life a fraction of a percent easier, I'm doing my job well. He is the only one that I've ever found that even is deserving of my service, so I will continue to serve him.

Through my service, I hope to learn how to be a stronger woman. Sometimes I forget that, while I am a submissive, I'm Master's submissive, no one else's. There are times when I find myself shying away instead of being the strong woman I know I can be. It may seem strange, but by serving Master, it shows me how strong I can be. After all, if I can do for someone else, I can do for myself.

A moment in my life that lead to my servitude was my birthday three years ago.

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  1. I like this a lot. I was searching for something to meditate on today, and this fits well for me today. Thank you.