Thursday, February 18, 2010

OK, I admit it

I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I’m bi-polar.  It’s a fact that I’ve been fighting for 10+ years.  But after two hospital stays for nearly the same thing, I’ve got to face facts.  And the fact is that I need to stay on my medication, which I haven’t been taking like I should have for the past three months.

It’s the reason I’ve been withdrawn and the reason why I’ve been depressed.  I was in my low phase.  Now I feel myself swinging back up to a more manic-y phase, but I’ve got medication to deal with it now.  It’s funny because I’ve got both downers and uppers, but it’s what I need.

So hopefully my life will be back on track.  There was a time there I wasn’t even showering every day, more like once every week, as disgusting as that sounds.  But life goes on and I have to keep pushing forward.

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