Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just a phase?

I replied to a thread on Kotaku regarding relationships and what I find attractive in a companion.  Naturally, I brought up my relationship with Master, as it’s nothing that I’m ashamed of.  But what has appalled me is the reply I got.

I figured I’d get skeptics, but for someone to accuse me of mistreating my child by putting her on a leash is disgusting.  Firstly, I am a consenting adult and she is not.  Secondly, I fail to see what I do in my private relationship with Master has anything to do with our daughter.  She doesn’t see that side of it.

But I think worst of all is this person telling me it’s just a phase.  I know there are couples in D/s relationships that have lasted years, if not decades.  I never want to live without being Master’s.

Maybe I’m just looking for validation.  Master says it’s not a big deal and the person is just being rude for rudeness’s sake, but it really, really hurts me when I try to open up to the public at large about myself that I’m constantly rejected.


  1. That's stupid for someone to judge you as a parent for something silly like that, and they can piss off as far as your D/s relationship being just a phase. *hugs tight* You are awesome in the eyes of the people that matter.

  2. Awww, thank you ;o; *hugs* You're so awesome!

  3. You know what...that's're a wonderful mother, don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise!

  4. I dont know you, just happend to visit your blog, which i already find interesting and full of sence. I also read the reply you talk about here.

    My dear, by blogging on the web, i think youre most likely than not to get stupid messages from low lifers who have nothing to do, and gets so frustrated with their own life, they can only bitch about others.

    So please, dont feel down because of such an ass... there is 1000 like him waiting to beat you down with an acid comment...

    dismiss them and keep the positive.
    I am a submissive too, me and master are seriously fighting to maintain our lifestyle through regular everyday life...and i suspect its the same for all of us... And my lifestyle is a complete secret to my friend cause... i heard so many horrible comments about bdsm form outsiders, it made me give up completely on the social apsect of it... NOt to mention the ammount of poseurs and fashion wannabes youll see in bdsm events, at least in my eara.. So good luck, living a marginalised lifestyle is never easy, be strong and proud!!!

  5. Thank you so much for your kind words, Sol!

    I do think you're right about posting on the web and how it does open one up to the less desired individuals, but I've also found that it can bring together great like-minded people as well.

    And it is difficult to maintain this kind of lifestyle and I only recently told my friends that I am involved in this kind of relationship. Most took it well, though I did lose one friend over it. It's sad and upsetting, but if they cannot accept me for who and what I am, they weren't really much of a friend in the first place.

    Stay strong!